zondag 20 augustus 2017

NEW TOUR SPLIT 7 inch with Brat Farrar

... in highly fashionable colours ...

Waddayathink ... available at the upcoming shows of course !!!

NEW SHIRT with ...

a BRIAN WALSBY design ... yeeeeeeehaaaa !!

Thanks Brian. Luv you long time ! ! !



Yep, we also released a 4 track 12 inch ... and it will be available at the upcoming shows !

Tour Poster Blackup + Brat Farrar 2017

No ... there's nothing wrong with your eyes ...

Flanders State of The ART

Proud to say that the upcomming Europe-tour is supported by
Flanders State of The ART

2017 Tour with Brat Farrar

So proud to announce our upcoming tour with
Brat Farrar !

Tour Schedule

Aug 24
Noorderzon Festival, Vera Groningen
Groningen, Netherlands

Aug 25
Utrecht, Netherlands

Aug 26
Get lost fest Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany

Aug 27
Leipzig, Germany

Aug 28
Day Off - Contact us if you want us to play in your town !!!

Aug 29
La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Paris, France

Aug 30
Espace El Doggo
Limoges, France

Aug 31
Le Dynamo Café
Nantes, France

Sep 1
Le Galion
Lorient, France

Sep 2
Blackup album release party
Café Charlatan
Gent, Belgium

Sep 3
Le Paraplu National
Binche, Belgium

Sep 4
Kunstkeller o27
Fürth, Germany

Sep 5
Mannheim, Germany

Sep 6
Bessunger Knabenschule
Darmstadt, Germany

Sep 7
Haarlem, Netherlands

Sep 8
The Pit's - Bang Zoom Noise Produktions VZW
Kortrijk, Belgium

Sep 9
De Zevende Zegel
Ottenburg, Belgium

2017 - The Irresistible Rise !!

... We're back !

foto van BLACKUP.

Steven G : Guitar/Vocs
Xavier B : Drums
Miguel M : Bass
Jon DK : Guitar