dinsdag 15 november 2011

That is what I call a review !

A Million Miles From Nowhere

"Fans of Hex Dispensers, Wipers and New Christs take note as friends of mine have just released their debut album on the German Screaming Mimi label and it’s a scorcher of a record! BLACKUP’s recent live shows were very promising so I am glad the record doesn’t disappoint to say the least. Next to some ace songwriting, great vocals and a powerful production, you get 180g heavyweight vinyl in a thick cardboard sleeve and a free cd! Talkin’ about a great deal for 13,00 EUR! I am pretty sure that “Ease & Delight” is gonna end up high in my TOP 10 of 2011!"

From the same guy who claims 'If you do not own at least 5000 records, just quit writing reviews, they're worthless' ... and damn right he is !!!!

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