dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Very important announcement ...

... coming from our booking agent ...


As you all know, Blackup‘s first album “Ease & Delight” was released early last year. It’s first pressing sold out in a month. They did play lots of gigs, did a short treck with the Hot Snakes through Europe and played key, major, cities like Berlin, Geneva, Paris and Brussels. The press was incredible! Looks like people need music like this! This month they did the support for METZ at a sold out Merleyn, Nijmegen. They will do some more supports with them in March.

An update from a band from Gent: BLACKUP

Now we’re in 2013. Last December, they did a session with their trusted 5th member, Pieter Van Buyten (Flip Kowlier/The Kids) at Studio Jezus in Antwerp. With the much appreciated help of Pascal Deweze (Sukilove/Broken Glass Heroes). Expect some great releases in the near future:

1. OBITS/BLACKUP split 12″ record on Screaming Mimi / Flight 13 Records
3. BLACKUP picture disc 7″ on Delboy Records.
4. BLACKUP new LP/CD full lenght

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